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This site is all about painting by hand - well with a hand holding a brush - on leather jackets. And occasionally other things too. It's somehow all coherent and related....

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Contact me, I mean us, of course. using the royal plural. It's not like this is an industry or anything. I'll even just chat.


I'm bound to claim I can paint - goes without saying. Why not find out what other people say. And no, I didn't make them up. That's what they said. Or at least as close to what I can remember them saying...

Latest Stuff

Rancid - Exploited jacket

A spot of punk

The last jacket art I painted was 2009 – was aske

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Frank Zappa

I don’t just paint on awkward uneven leather surf

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Welcome to Megaleather!

I started painting leather jackets as an art student in

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