Frank Zappa

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Frank Zappa

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I don’t just paint on awkward uneven leather surfaces such as jacket sleeves, but I recently painted a Frank Zappa pic on a shiny plastic VW spare wheel cover.

I was sent this graphic image – sorry can’t credit the original artist – it’s a nice image. But only a nutcase would try and copy it by hand onto a highly reflective curved plastic circle.

zappa sourcegif

I lost count of the number of stars after about 200

So armed with some time on my hands and the mind of a nutcase I set to work and eventually came up with a solution. To make a stencil – and cut out hundreds of small squares – then stick it over the wheel cover – give it a white plastic spray undercoat – and then paint in by hand the individual stars in the three different shades of colour…

Piece of piss!

It was nice to see it out and about in location shots too – looks a good match with the colour of the van.

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