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Regan Makeup Exorcist

Way back as a student – and metaller of course – I used my creative skills to good effect to adorn my own leather jacket. As a budding make-up FX artist – I chose Dick Smith’s beautiful work on young actress Linda Blair, who played the grumpy child in the 1973 comedy classic The Exorcist.

Underpaint of Regan

Under painting – tube of paint provided for scale.

Regan Makeup Exorcist

This Regan painting is from 25 years ago – and is still on the jacket!

I thought – after all these years – why not stick it on the interweb for others to see.

Who knows – I may be tempted to wield a paintbrush again and dig out my set of Acrylics.

My first ever jacket was for a mate called Adam Bastard – who worked for Kent County Council I think. He was a Megadeth fan and wanted So Far So Good So What – so I duly obliged and a hobby was born!

Megadeth leather jacket

If I’d have done a bad job he’d have battered me.



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